IPTV Reseller Solution

IPTV Reseller is, getting IPTV streams from a provider in cheap rates and selling at bit higher including your profit. This is the best way to earn more money quicker. We have a complete solution for you, a control panel is available for you where you can login and manage all your clients. The system is fully automated and easier than ever.

Our IPTV Reseller is everything complete, reliable and perfect!

Get Trial or Request Invoice/Trial to get started.

IPTV Reseller Pricing

We provide our Reseller account with starter 200 of credits, you need to pay us 200 and we'll send you a login with 220 credits. We always provide trial of our server so you can get trial, make sure if you liked it then become a reseller.

Following are the rates of credit purchase. We offer minimum purchase/Reload of credit at 200€, payments are accepted with PayPal/Skrill & BTC.
# Pay (€) Credit (€) Bonus Credit (€)
1 200 € 220 € 20 €
2 400 € 450 € 50 €
3 580 € 580 € 80 €
4 800 € 900 € 100 €
5 More than 1K+ Custom Offers Custom Offers

IPTV Reseller Lines Price

As we believe on user happiness and quality of the service, our prices per line maybe higher but when its awesome quality no one is gonna reject after testing the service. You'll be always allowed to make free trials for 48 hours at the cost of 0.01€. Make sure, trials are only for real users not to be shared on forums or bad boys daily ask for trials; Doing this may cause service suspension.

Let's say you have 200€ on your IPTV Panel, the credit and cost system will work like this: (Panel is always reloadable, starter credit purchase is minimum 200€)
# Duration Cost (€) Sell at/Profit Remaining Credit €
1 Trial 48 Hours 0.01 € - -
1 1 Month 6 € 14€ / 8€ 200-6=194€
2 3 Months 15 € 35€ / 20€ 194-15=149€
3 6 Months 25 € 55€ / 30€ 149-25=124€
4 12 Months 45 € 85€ / 40€ 124-45=79€

How To Start?

Create M3U Line

Login to your panel and:

  • Click On Add User.
  • Select Duration.
  • Click on Next > select all or limited countries > Next > Add.
  • Go to Users > Manage Users .
  • Click on Download icon > choose M3U PLUS - MPEGTS > Copy URL > That's all .
  • Send that m3u URL to user and he can use to devices like on Android/Appstore/Smart TV & Rest .
Create A MAG/STB Line

Get virtual mac address from client

  • Go to Add User.
  • Scroll down > enable MAG/Enigma Device > add mac address.
  • Next > select add or limited countries > Next > Add.
  • Mac address can be found at Manage MAG Devices.
  • Now Ask user to add Portal URL and reload it.
  • Portal URL : http://link.internetprotocoltv.com:6969/c.

IPTV Reseller FAQ's

We provide a complete online Portal where user can control his lines and stuff, we call it Reseller Panel.

We use Xtream UI.

You need to pay 200EUR upfront as credit purchase which is 220 Euros. Payments are processed via PayPal/Skril & BTC. Click here to request invoice.

Yes, we offer free trial of 48 hours, click here to request one.

As we keep updating the list, an idea is there are nearly 9K + live TV and around 2K VOD series.

If refund requested within 12 hours, then YES otherwise No. We'll suggest you to get 48 hours trial before purchase.

You don't need to ask at all, as we ourself use same server and don't want our lines stay down. If there is any issue like this we try to solve it ASAP, there is no exact time frame for this.

As minimum start is 200 Euros, we will add 220 Euro for this. If you wanna purchase big credit like in thousands, contact us for best bonus.

A reseller is like Buy a line from us in cheap rates and sell at higher rates and a restream buy channels from us > add to his own server and sell lines from his own server (our channels aren't directly sellable when its restream).